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Digital Detox

Are you one of those who wakes up to check watsapp?

Are you someone who reaches out to your device when you have nothing to do?

Do you hide yourself onto your screen to avoid someone/something??

You planned digital detoxification and not succeeded??

Wow you have come to the right place!!

I equate digital detox to weight loss detox!!!

In my opinion, we need to do digital detox to get out the Feels like Crap syndrome. We all at some point in time get bored and then start indulging for e.g. chocolate we eat it when we see it or like my friend he needs to eat something the moment he finishes work. And the next we know it has eaten into our health, added to our calories and taken us on the hated guilt trip. Don’t we know sugar is here to stay then why shadow fight? What about technology? Isn’t it the same? What do we do then??

I was discussing digital detox thing with my friend and she asked me

Friend: I have kids and I attend school with them in the morning and then get on with household chores once am done with that I start my office work and login till late hours. Are you saying I am addicted to the internet/


This article is meant for those who "doom scroll". People who use the internet/gadgets even when not required whiling away their time. i.e. incessantly scrolling through bottomless doom and gloom newsfeeds for hours on end…….Does it do any good, Is it needed? Let’s see how it affects us.

Starting with the body:


Dopamine and reward go hand in hand. Hence every time you get rewarded the brain releases dopamine.e.g. binge-watching, since the remote is in our hands we play more and more and reward ourselves, we feel good however in the long run end up frustrated for not using time properly.


Commonly the dry eye syndrome, puffy eyes and also sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.


Stress disorder and Anxiety Issues: We now look for gratification in the form of likes. Trolling others or also seeing others getting trolled leads to a negative impact on our emotions

Family and Society:

Impact on Young and Old:

For youngsters, it is now cyber bullying and for elders, they don't like anyone disturbing them during their prime time

Lack of communication in an overcrowded digital world is increasing distances. Is this how we envisioned our society?

How do we deal with this? Is there a solution?? Does it work??

Read on to find some simple tricks to hack your brain and get the much deserved elixir to detox.

  • Unsubscribe/ Unfollow: people/ emails which are not serving you

  • Do not carry your cell phones to the toilet.

  • Create a Tech-Free Zone by keeping objects you like e.g music, relaxing chairs.

  • Set status’ informing people of your time away to avoid anxiety.

  • Observing the body clock: Every time the urge arises to pick your phone take a deep breath, feel the air, feel your body temperature and let go…..

  • Breathe, breathe and breathe: At night before sleeping practice left nostril breathing and experience deep sleep.

Let’s accept technology is here to stay…then why shadow fight???? Instead let’s make peace with it. So, when are you planning your next venture on digital detox?? I would love to read your adventures.

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