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Today let's discover psychology and what it is all about??

We all are very curious about this topic and would like to study at any given point in time. We know a few topics and are unaware of many.

This is an ever evolving subject and needs constant upgrade on the part of the person practicing this professionally. Now knowledge upgrade is not just about psychology, people and human behaviour. It is also about knowing law and society in general. A simple explanation to this statement would be psychology attempts to understand human behaviour through various branches and law tries to regulate it. Both the fields talk of humans, their behaviour and why people do some things the way they do. Don't you think that law and psychology are the two sides of the same coin.

Psychology is mostly and widely consumed by the advertising industry. We all know how they use emotions to tap and tickle our brain to buy things.

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And you thought marketing is all about colours, lights and attractive models. Think Again !!!!

Now let's see the various branches of psychology, before we go there let's be clear of one more thing .Psychology is divided into two parts research and practice. Research is done to study and how things happen, whereas practice is the actual application of the outcome of the knowledge. The subfields of psychology is every growing as human behaviour changes accordingly e.g. we now study cyber psychology and also heavily use cognitive psychology to apply in fields like artificial intelligence.

Now let's see the major branches of psychology:

Abnormal, Behavioural, Bio Psychology, Clinical, Cognitive, Comparative, Counselling, Cross Cultural, Developmental, Educational, Experimental, Forensic, Health, Industrial-Organizational, Personality, School, Social, Sports.

Some are self explanatory let's see the ones which are novel...

Bio Psychology: aka neuroscience, psychobiology. Deals with how brain injuries and diseases impact behaviour.

Comparative Psychology: deals with the study of animal behaviour. Study of animal behaviour also helps in deep understanding of human behaviour.

Developmental Psychology: deals with how people change and evolve during a lifetime.

Experimental Psychology: Uses scientific methods to study human behaviour.

pic credit: mrlangemath

The latest trends in psychology involve subjects like cyber psychology, positive psychology to name a few.

Do you know: Dopamine addicts you too seek information. Dopamine is the hormone responsible to making you an addict. Now you see why you scroll social media endlessly.

Also do you know being in love is biochemically the same as obsessive compulsive disorder.

Well, there is practically much more to psychology than just the mind and behaviour.

Which area of psychology do you think you like and which area did you discover today?

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