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Your Journey for the Last 6 Days

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

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By far this has been one the best courses I have done. I was surprised that over 200 people had registered and how such a large crowd was handled.But thanks to the great management skills of the ContentVidhya team who handled everything with so much finesse.The enormous show of strength stands a testimony to how popular this course and the makers are.

Uma’s style of teaching and above all the domain knowledge made it worthy every minute.Right from correcting English words which are used wrongly commonly to how to use the advanced search on google.She was generous enough to share all the knowledge she had.Words fall short to really appreciate her knowledge.I liked the way she has carved her career and was also sharing advices which would help people.

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Every session was full of knowledge and there were so many takeaways.Sessions began on time and started on a light note.Slight delays at the end were more than welcome.

Every query was answered with lots of insights.People seemed more keen on knowing how to make money from blogging and she did not disappoint them.She had planned a separate topic and covered each and every query asked.

I liked the quality of the slides which was very simple and had all the info just enough data displayed.The soothing colors and fonts very well suited the subject matter

The assignments are very well paced and meticulously planned.

Time given to complete each was sufficient.The submission was also well designed.Giving a proper name to the assignment taught me a lesson in organizing.

The information was so well put that there was little place for any doubt left. The presentation was flawless with no internet disturbances or the flow.

I used these 6 days to listen and absorb all the information.Plan and execute assignments the same day so that knowledge was well understood.This course has helped me rediscover my writing skills and also told me the latest in the market which is helping me plan my topics.

After course support that too lifetime is a boon for people like me who do need support.

Overall this course has helped me rediscover a whole new career and opened new doors to me. I no longer fear expressing myself on the internet.

I wish the team of ContentVidhya All the Very Best !! May You Prosper !!!!!!


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