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Cyber Psychology: lol ,troll and the internet language

How netizen's language has changed our vocabulary

pic credit: lingua greca translations

How many of the above can you solve? How many do you think you know>

N now do u knw y am writing dis article? :) sounds interesting??? but don't worry I am going to write in simple every day English which they teach in school.

Well as I started studying cyber psychology little did I know that the cyber world has changed us so much.

Simply speaking language helps us understand ourselves better and also tell us why we behave the way we do. The word "Netizen" is bespoke of a new entity. If you are a person you belong to a citizen of some country ,you have a culture and speak a language and have ideologies. The same is with the internet you are now a netizen who uses language as per the site. for e.g. let's see the maximum limit of some more often used social media post.

Twitter allows maximum 280 characters per tweet

Instagram allows 2200 characters per post

Facebook allows around 63000 characters per post

WhatsApp allows maximum 65,536 characters per message

Telegram allows maximum 4096 characters per message

Youtube allows maximum 5000 characters per description

Now you see how defining limits actually changes the shape of things.

Let me give you some statistics on the most used language on the internet

pic credit :

In the early days people specialized in languages spoken by humans , just see the pic below and you know what we search now..... :))))))

pic credit : simplilearn

Do we need to only speak or write in no no we can also use emotive visuals. Visuals are universal language why else would the ROFL emoji be the most used emoticon???

pic credit : emoji terra

CyberBullying Phishing, Spam and Troll

Sounds familiar right???? Don't you think these terms are so commonly used and look as if they always existed. Don't you think they spell a culture of their error. This is how language influences culture. It tells the culture and the behaviour of people. Engaging in warning wars, text wars where bullies gang up and send text in thousands to harass are common examples of cyber bullying.

AFK ,MIA, Re are commonly used by online gamers. Oh yes, they mean Away From Keyboard, Missing in Action and Reappear respectively.

Language and Artificial Intelligence

As technology evolves so does behaviour and language. Cognitive Psychology studies mental processes like thinking, Reasoning, Judgment, Attention, Mental imagery, Language, recognizing numbers, Memory, Perception, Creativity, Forming concepts, making decisions, Solving problems, Making choices, Meta-cognition (thinking about your thinking).Cognitive Psychology is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence. If we observe Siri she responds to limited questions and Alexa is trying to replace the need for an assistant. The day is not far when AI will take over as many human actions leaving little gap between man and machine.

Its time we look at every behaviour, every word we say not only to ourselves but also be socially responsible to make a better world physically and virtually as well.

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