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Journalist View of Priti in 2023

Hello Friends,

This is a part of an assignment am doing with Digital Deepak for my social media internship.

I am supposed to think of myself a journalist who is writing about Priti in the year 2023.

So let's begin..... :)

Everyone has dreams and we all aspire to be the self we imagine in our dreams. So here's Priti and lets see how she fared in the journey so far.

So Priti has created her wheel of life which has the following areas: Health , family, personal growth, relationships, spiritual, money and career.

pic credit:ludic creatives

Health: she is able to maintain her ideal weight consistently for the past 3yrs.She is flexible, keeps up with her exercises and has a healthy diet. In fact she is an inspiration to all around her.

Family: her family is very supportive and encouraging. Over a period of time her relations have grown for good and she also has a great support system and is also able to mentor the younger generation.

Personal Growth: She has made significant progress in forgiving and letting go her past. She is living much in the present moment. She has learnt newer skills which have helped her in making a career in counselling. She has received several awards and is recognized as a credible counsellor in her field. Her student mode is still on and she is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Relationships: While she is still reserved and sometimes perceived non communicative ,she is very dependable. She has a closed group of friends whom she relies on heavily when in need and has a great network outside where people reach out to her and seek help.

Spiritual: She prays regularly and is able to see the deeper meaning of things. She has less questions and is more observing. She now can look at things objectively and is less emotionally involved.

Money: she has overcome her money block and is able to understand finance matters. She can make investments on her own and is able to make profits. She has her short ,medium and long term goals in place and is consistently able to follow them.

Career: Career transition from software to counselling has really benefitted her. She is extremely satisfied with her career and has a good pipeline of business.

In short Priti has done well in her life ,she is progressive ,determined and focused.

Let's wish her all the very best and see her after 5yrs with the same goals.


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