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Life Without Internet

Pic Credit:whaleshares

I was in the middle of finishing this assignment and vrrooomm … off goes the internet.

Frustrated, I started walking around fretting and fuming. All I could see was loss of data and unsaved documents. I was cursing myself for not saving the documents.The stress of redoing everything seemed to get on and made me feel helpless.I called the service provider I checked the mobile data and realized it failed me there as well !!!!!

By now it had dawned on me that there was no internet and there was no chance of it coming in the near future.

Then I thought, was there any point in getting frustrated ?Was there any point losing sleep over what was lost? By now I had made peace with the fact and seemed to be relaxed.

Another day passed with no internet however by now I had started sinking into the feeling and had started enjoying it. I woke up and did my workout all alone without any youtube channel support.I felt elated and patted my back for the creative achievement.

Since there was no net so no office work I had all the time to myself and realized it would be like this for a long time to come.I was oscillating between anxiety and freedom thinking like this .Boy was I the only one in this venture.(Sigh).

Pic Credit:funnypictureplus

What was I going to do with this new pattern , how was I supposed to accept all this and many questions kept coming throughout the day at the same time I was also enjoying.

I was able to slow down and had started looking at things from everyday life which I had otherwise forgotten to see as my head would be stuck to the mobile screen.

No whatsapp call, no instagram.There was absolutely no way by which I was supposed to know what was the latest in everybody’s life from celebrities to plant kingdom!

Was I ready to face the situation?.Honestly I was enjoying it. I was getting the much needed time for myself.Secretly I wanted the situation to persist for the next few months.All the videos from youtube which taught me how to grow my vegetable garden seemed to be growing healthy and hearty in real.With the occasional hitch to check the internet for mistakes rest all seemed to fall in place.

The rest of the day seemed to be breezing with daily chores and meeting people for real than virtually.

Also I discovered I was better at remembering things than assuming I had a weak memory.

The frustration of not meeting deadlines was now replaced with a certain sense of calm.

Writing took precedence and I remembered the childhood days when we made pen friends .Cash payments took precedence over gpay and paytm.

Pic credit:vectorstock

I was smiling and enjoying myself when I heard a loud noise in the background ALARM !! ALARM !!!!!!

I woke up to the loud sound of the alarm ,struggling to close it. I realized it another day and had to rush to the office as I was already late!!!!!

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